Gendo Early Access AI for Architecture & Design

Gendo is a browser based platform that provides beautiful CGI in minutes, not days.

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What is Gendo?

Enterprise and Professional grade AI visualisation - built by, and for designers

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Design to Image

Upload your designs, and create beautiful, accurate images of your work. Taking your basic forms or well resolved designs, Gendo will tightly adhere to your intent, and add materiality, lighting and detailing. Not designed by AI, but AI to help you design.

Generative editing

Quickly select and regenerate any part of your image. Infinite editing choices, such as material and colour options, or adjust landscaping by turning a pine into a palm!

Style transfer

You can generate new images in any style - but what if you want to turn your basic render into a sketch? Or your photograph into a watercolour diagram - all while maintaining design fidelity? Style transfer allows you to switch between styles while keeping your design consistent.

Text to Image

Text to image takes your written description, or ‘prompt’, and creates a brand new image for you. Perfect for concept designs, helping you with, look and feel, composition and inspiration.

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Why you should try Gendo

Creative freedom

Control every aspect of your assets with generative editing, flexible setting and useful filters.

Easy to use

No special hardware or technical skills required—only the web app, your idea and a sketch.


Eliminate render time. Skip browsing through countless asset libraries. Iterate in an instant.

Professional grade output

Get high quality assets and images, with a suite of tools dedicated to architects and designers.

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