Gendo is using pioneering technology to revolutionise professional Architecture and Design

We’re starting with a browser-based platform to provide beautiful CGI in minutes, not days.

CGI in minutes, not days

Producing computer-generated images is brutal. It's expensive, time-consuming, and requires special tools and skills. On top of that, it takes 4-5 days to get the final image. Architects spend a huge amount of their time of their working time producing images instead of designing buildings.

By harnessing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools for professional processes with high-quality output, our mission is to empower designers to breeze through laborious tasks, leaving more time for the important stuff—designing.

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Combining our areas of expertise, we deliver cutting-edge technology for ArchVis and package it in a way to make it accessible and impactful.

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Product overview

Gendo is a browser-based platform that provides architects with a range of specialised AI powered tools. Phase 1 of our product is a set of tools to support CGI Production.


CGI Production

Concept images
Design images
Design iterations
Marketing images

Generative design

Concept design
Developed design
Design compliance
Tecnical design

Technical documents

Planning applications
Construction documentation

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